Managers' Reference

Managers' Reference Information

Click Here to download and print the Manager’s Reference Sheet

Tournament Directors & Umpires

There will be one umpire for each game (two for the playoff and championship games). All coaches/players and  parents are expected to respect the umpire. The umpire has final say on all calls. Foul language, excessive arguing and/or poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated.

A Tournament Director will be assigned to the game. The TD is there to ensure that the field is prepped, the press box is manned and all administrative duties are completed. The TD is not there to settle protests.

Scorer's Booth Operations

We will have an Announcer, a Scoreboard Operator, a Pitch Counter and Book Keeper. Both teams are responsible for tracking and reporting pitch counts and for keeping their scorebook.  The Pitch Counter in the Booth will be the official one.  Both Managers are asked to confirm pitch counts after each inning.  Any discrepancies will be handled by the TD.

Home & Visitors

The seeding was picked at the Managers meeting or by random draw.  Pool play home/away will be determined by a coin flip.  Playoffs home/away will be determined by higher seed. 1 is the higher seed and will be the home team on the first base side.  Visitor on the third base side.

Infield / Outfield – 10 Minutes Each

Visitor takes the field 30 minutes before game-time (e.g., 7:00 – 7:10 for 7:30 Game).
Home takes the field 20 minutes before game-time (e.g., 7:10 – 7:20 for 7:30 Game)

Batting Practice

Batting practice on the field will not be allowed. The batting cages can be used but teams must work together to ensure fair usage.

Game Summary Reports

The WINNING team (manager or assigned person) must complete a game summary sheet for the Tournament to report results to the local paper. The sheet must be brought to the concession stand before leaving the field. Please write down information and highlights for both teams. When teams exchange line-up cards please use first and last names (spelled correctly) to assist the winning coach in completing the game summary.
[To assist in reporting, we will also accept a report from the losing team to possibly supplement the winning team’s report.]
Click Here to download and print the Game Summary Report Sheet.

Line-Up Card Form

Click Here to download and print the Line-Up Card Form.

Tournament Rules

Click Here to download and print the Tournament Rules.

Pitch Count

Each team must carry its pitch count affidavit. Before each game, the managers have the right to review the count affidavit of the opposing team. Both team’s affidavits will be held by the TD who will complete the affidavits at the close of each game and return to each manager. Do not leave the field without collecting your affidavit.

Click Here to download and print the Affidavit.

Home Run Derby
Each 11/12 Team will be asked to nominate 3– 4 players for participation in the HR Derby.

All Star Game
Each team will nominate 4 8/9/10 players for an overall All Star game.  Nominations will be collected beginning the week of July 22.

If you have any questions or problems you can contact the DAZ Committee by email at [email protected] or see one of the members at the field.

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