Tournament Rules

Mandatory Play – No matter the number of players in dugout

  • All Players in uniform must bat at least once and play one inning in the field.  This rule is waived in the event of a mercy but teams should do their best to get in all players.
  • Home team not batting in the bottom of the sixth does not negate the mandatory play rule.
  • A substitute can re-enter the game as long as he hits in the same spot in the order
  • A starter and his sub can’t be in the line-up at the same time unless one of the players is in the line-up as an injury replacement
  • If raised by a team prior to the umpire’s leaving the field, the offending team will forfeit the game.


Extra Hitter (EH)

  • A Team can elect to bat 10 players in a game.
  • The batter is listed on the line-up card as “EH”
  • The EH can be put in the field as long as the player is kept in the same spot in the batting order
  • If you start w/ an EH, the EH slot must be filled the entire game (e.g., 10 players in the order) unless injury.
  • If team starts w/ 9 players (no EH), an EH CAN NOT be added to the line-up once a game has started.


Hitting – SLAP BUNTING is NOT ALLOWED – The Batter is OUT



  • 4 Coaches are allowed in the Dugout, no matter how many players are on the roster
  • Both teams are responsible for keeping the score book.
  • There are no protests.  The umpire has final say on all on-field calls.

Pitching Rules     

  • Tournament will follow Little League All-Star Rules
  • Dropped Third Strike


Coach’s Visits to the Mound  

  • Pitcher must be removed on a coach’s third visit in total or second visit in the same inning.
  • Only the Pitcher and Catcher may participate in a coach’s visit.   No team huddles.
  • A coach may not visit with other players on the field except in the event of injury.


Mercy Rule:  A 10 run lead in a regulation game results in a mercy rule.  Regulation game is four complete innings if Visitors are leading and 3.5 innings if Home Team is leading.


Ejections:  Any player or coach who is ejected from a game must leave the field area immediately and may be asked to leave the Park if there is perceived to be an issue (as determined by the Tournament Director).  Said player or coach shall also serve a one-game suspension for the team’s next game.  A second ejection will result in removal from the tournament.


Breaking of Standing Ties:  1) Team Record, 2) Head-to-Head, 3) Least Runs Allowed, 4) Coin-Flip

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